Tennisathon 9th June 2018 9am – 9pm


What is a tennisathon ?

We are going to try and play tennis on all 3 of our courts from 9 am – 9pm non-stop to raise money for club funds. Although we have recently renewed the courts, considerable funds are required to maintain our club so we wanted to have a fun day playing tennis and raising some money !

How do we take part?

All you need to do is sign up on a court for a time that you would like to play . Sheets are pinned up upstairs in the clubhouse and also on the downstairs noticeboard . You can sign up for 1 hour or more , with people to play with or not (and others will sign beside you ) You can have as many people on the court as you like. The only rule is you have to raise a minimum of £10 per hour per court.

How do we raise the money?

You can take a sponsorship from and ask your friends and family to sponsor you , or you can just make the donation – minimum £10

Who can play ?

ANYONE!!! Adults or children (as long as younger children are supervised ) Members or non-members

Is the usual Saturday morning coaching on ?

Yes coaching is on as usual but all kids can stay as long as they like between 1030 and 1230 .  Please make a donation of £5 per child which will be instead of the usual coaching fee .At1130 we will have some fun games which parents can participate in too – as long as they pay their £5 contribution !

Are there refreshments ?

There will be a COFFEE MORNING from 1030 – 1230 so please bring some baking that we can sell and/or come and enjoy a coffee or some juice. Invite your friends along too !

There will be soft drinks available in the club house all day so please help yourself and keep hydrated during the tennisathon!

You can bring your own refreshments if you like.

Who do we pass the sponsorship forms and sponsorship money to ?

Please pass all forms and money to Claire or Helen Young

Any questions please contact Claire Kinloch Anderson (club coach) on