Bye Laws

The Club Bye-Laws are managed by the Committee to support the running of the Club.   These can be amended by the Committee as necessary so an updated version will always be available here.  A copy can also be downloaded from the “Downloads” page by following this link.  The text is reproduced below.

1.    Hours of play

Seniors/Double Senior 9 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day

Juniors/Special Juniors 9 a.m. to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.(Saturday and Sunday)

Restricted 9 a.m. to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)

Senior members should not start to play on court at Junior times and should always offer to move rather than wait for the Juniors to ask.  During these times however one court may be reserved for Seniors.  All other restrictions related to membership type are as per paragraph 10 of the Club constitution.

2.    20 minutes shall be the normal period of play.  Courts 2 and 3 should be used before Court 3.    3.    Singles shall not be allowed when other members are waiting to play.  A singles game, however after starting shall be allowed 20 minutes to play.

4.    Senior members may introduce up to a maximum of 4 visitors per playing season. Playing season refers to the period covered by the annual subscription. Junior members may not introduce visitors.

5.     The Committee shall have the power to reserve courts for team practice, coaching, matches and tournaments.  At least three days notice must be given on the notice board for all such reservations.

6.    On courts which have not been reserved for that time, doubles games will have preference over singles.

7.    During the Club Championships play in ties may be continuous on up to two courts at anytime but this must be only during normal playing time, e.g. only Senior ties can be played at Senior times.

8.    Players must wear clothing designed for racquet sports, i.e. football strips or jeans are not considered suitable.  The clothing should be appropriately coloured and tracksuits may also be worn.  Shoes must be appropriate for the court surface and be non marking.

9.    Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse and on court. Chewing gum or food should not be brought on court.

10.    Membership


Subscriptions are due from 1 April each year and must be received by the Membership Secretary by 30 April.  No Member whose subscription is in arrears as at this date shall be allowed to take part in any Club Meeting or vote on any motion before the Club, or participate in any Club Match, Tournament or any other event under the control of the Club until such fees are paid.

Membership Categories

A full list of membership categories recognised by the Club and their definition is attached as appendix 1.  Additions, deletions and alterations to this list can only be made at a General Meeting of the Club.

Unpaid Subscriptions

Any Member whose subscription is still unpaid at 15th May shall be written to by the Membership Secretary and if still unpaid at 31st May, the Committee shall have power to remove his or her name from the Club membership list, and, if so removed he or she can only be reinstated on the payment of all arrears and on the approval of the Committee.  Such Members shall, never the less, remain liable for his or her subscription for the current year.

Participation in coaching

At the beginning of the season each April, club membership is not required in order for individuals to attend coaching classes run by the Club Coach. However, in order to continue attending after 30 April, the individual will require to take out membership.  Anyone joining after April can attend a minimum of two classes before membership is required.  Excluded from this bye law will be preschool classes and any summer block sessions.

11. Club Championships


The date (s) for the duration of the Club Championships and Finals Day will be published at the start of each season. Any player who is aware before their first tie is played that they will not be available on Finals Day should not initially enter or commence playing in an event.  Once the event has started, should their circumstances change, then they should advise the Tournament Referee and withdraw.

In individual ties, the first/top shown player (s), hereafter referred to as the challenger, is responsible for contacting their opponent (s) and proposing three dates for play that ensure the tie is completed by the designated date.  If the challenger does not do so then the opponent can ask the Tournament Referee for them to be scratched and vice versa should the opponent not agree a suitable date from those proposed.

Right of Appeal

Any mitigating circumstances in terms of availability should be submitted as an appeal to the General Committee (through the Secretary) whose decision is final and within 24 hours of the decision to scratch.

The only exception to all of the above, is where inclement weather prevents the playing of Finals.  In such cases the decision for rescheduling should be arranged through the Tournament Referee.

12.    Court play

Monday evening – Club night

All Senior members will mix in for either Men’s, Ladies’ or Mixed doubles and rotate after each short set.

a)    Junior members are allowed to play until 6.00 pm and should then leave the premises.  This bye-law does not apply to Juniors who are invited to play with the senior players.

b)    If more than four Juniors wish to play, they must rotate using one court only after each short set.

c)    Doubles play takes preference over singles.

Tuesday evening – Ladies team practice

For Ladies doubles which should be selected by the Ladies match secretary (s) to provide practice for team pairs and for competitive play for non-team members.

a), b) and c) as Monday night

d)    Men are allowed one court if available for general club play.

Sunday afternoon – Men’s team practice

For Men’s doubles which should be selected by the Men’s match secretary (s) to provide practice for team pairs and competitive play for non-team members.

a), b) and c) as Monday night

d)    Ladies are allowed one court if available for general club play.

All other times

All available courts are for general club use (i.e. Men’s, Ladies’, Mixed, singles or doubles) as per paragraph 1.  If others are waiting to play, members should always rotate after a short set unless they are playing a club championship match, in which case they may play the best of three sets.

13.    Door Entry System

Reasons for control

A key entry control system has been installed in the Clubhouse. This was considered necessary for two reasons,

a) To protect the premises when there is no one in authority in the Clubhouse and

b) To prevent the theft of keys, money and equipment from changing rooms.

Each member is responsible for their club house key which should be kept safe.  Lost keys will be issued on payment of a charge of £7.  The committee will review clubhouse access in the case of any member requiring to have a key replaced for a second time. It is important that members inform the Club membership secretary immediately if they lose their key.  Members should not lend their key to others or let anyone into the Clubhouse unless they are their guests and should remember to lock the clubhouse door when they leave and take their key with them.

14.    House bye-laws

a) Members must carry a valid door entry key at all times and show, if required, a current membership card when intending to play.

b) Junior members must vacate the premises by 9.00 pm unless playing sport or accompanied by an adult.

15. All disputes should be referred to the Committee whose decision is final 

By Order of the Committee

February 2006 Revision following constitution changes

December 2007 Membership categories added

February 2008 Review of paragraph 9 and 12 (now 14)

April 2010 Amendment to membership categories

August 2011 Review of paragraph 4

January 2013 Additional of new sections 10 and 11

Appendix to Bye Laws     Membership categories

a) Senior Members (Life or Annual) will have full playing rights at all times during the season, full use of Club facilities and full voting rights.  Senior Membership is open to those members aged 18 or over as at 31st December of the previous year.

b) Double Senior membership applies when a joint application is made and both applicants meet the definition for Senior Member.

c) Family membership is open to one household where that household consists of a maximum of two Senior Members and all children who meet the definition of Junior Member as per (g) below.

d) A Parent/Child Membership is available where one parent plays with child aged 10 and under.  Parent is restricted to play with that child only.

e) A Restricted Weekday Daytime membership is available where play is restricted between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday each week.

f) A Student Membership is open to those who are in full time education as at the start of the new playing season on 1st April of the ensuing year.

g) Junior Members must have been aged less than 18 on 31st December of the previous year.  Hours of play and precedence of bookings may be restricted for Junior Members per the Bye-Laws of the Committee.

However, Junior Members may be eligible for Senior Membership provided they are aged over sixteen or have left school and are working and they pay the full Senior Membership Subscription.

h) Mini Tennis Membership will be open to those aged 10 and under.

i) Pre school membership is open to those children not yet attending primary school as at the start of the new playing season on 1st April of the ensuing year.

j) Associate Members will be non-playing but will have full use of the Clubhouse facilities and be entitled to participate in the Club’s social activities.


The Annual Subscription and Joining Fees for the Membership Categories shall be determined at the A.G.M. for the ensuing year.