Match Play protocols

Court Use Protocol During Match Play

For The Attention of All Team Captains

Senior Team Match Play.

All courts are reserved for match play and are not available for members to play on during the duration of the match.

However after play has been completed on any court the home captain in consultation with the visiting team captain may allow senior club members to play on the court providing that all possible care is taken to avoid any interference with the ongoing matches.

Should a complaint arise the members must vacate the court immediately.

As a courtesy to the players on court members waiting to play should be asked to remain within the clubhouse until a court is available to play.

Juniors are not allowed on court during matches unless accompanied by an adult and then only when there is a court clear between them and match play.

Junior Team Match Play.

All courts are reserved for the duration of the match and members will not be allowed on to play until completion of the fixture.



May 2013