Coaching at Busby

Tennis Coaching by Claire Kinloch Anderson

Claire logo 2This programme offers a wide range of classes to suit all skills and abilities provided by an experienced Coach with a proven track record.

You don’t have to be a club member to sign up but after the first month you need to join the club to keep attending a coaching session.

Joining information for the club can be found elsewhere on this website.

Claire can be contacted on 07973940059.

Claire Kinloch Anderson- Coach at Busby

Claire Kinloch Anderson- Coach at Busby

Her assistant is Ciara Jamieson.

A registration form for the programme is available below

Coaching registration web

Classes          Prices and Times current as of March 2015


1515 – 1600 After school club (Busby/St. Joseph’s)       £2/session

1600 – 1700 Mini Tennis (5-10yrs)                                    Approx £40/session

1700 – 1800 Yellow Ball (10-16yrs)                                   £5/session


0930 – 1030 Adults Session (cardio/drills/match play)  £5/session


1030- 1100 Red Performance Squad                               by invitation

1100 – 1130  Tots Pre-School                                             £10 / month

1130 – 1230 General Junior                                                £20/ month


2000 -2100 Ladies Practice Session                                  £5 / session

Private lessons can be arranged at other times             £20 / hour

Age groups explained as at 2015 summer season

Red:     1st September 2006 or younger

Orange:     31st August 2006 to 1st September 2005

Green:     31st August 2005 to 1st September 2004

Yellow:     12U to 18U

Health and Safety for young players

Health and safety on court is very important, particularly when young children are running around.  Parents are asked to note the following guidance when their children are attending coaching sessions.  This can also be downloaded from this link.

  1.  Please do not allow your child(ren) to hit against the wall
  2. All parents and spectators are requested to remain off the courts during coaching.  They can view from either inside the clubhouse or behind the netting. This is to ensure the safety of the children at the coaching and their younger siblings who tend to wander around the courts, making them in danger of being hit by a ball or a racket. Parents, however, if asked by the coach may assist in the pre-school classes.
  3. Please make sure your child has a drink with them – water or juice but no fizzy drinks.
  4. Please ensure that your child is wearing appropriate shoes – trainers or tennis shoes. No football boots, sandals or boots.
  5. Please come dressed for the weather. A class will not start if it’s raining but if it starts to rain during a class it will continue.