Busby Tennis Club

Constitution v4-BLTC

A copy of the Club’s constitution.  These are the rules that govern the overall running of the club and can only be changed at an AGM/EGM.

Bye laws-BLTC v7-Jan 13

These are the Club’s bye laws.  Approved by the club committee, they help manage the day to day running of the club.

Joining form 14

For new members. This will give you all the information you need about becoming a member and tell you how to go about joining.  Fees valid until 31/3/15.

Players Code

To help new members and remind older members of the do’s and don’ts on court!

Coaching H and S for parents

This is health and safety information for parents of children attending coaching.

Lawn Tennis Association


Becoming a British tennis member is essential if you want to play competitive tennis or be part of the ballot for Wimbledon tickets.  More information is available from the LTA website.